About us

Boutique Language Schools

It can be daunting leaving home for the first time without your family, and for this reason, we provide a safe and friendly environment for the students here at Coast to Coast. All our schools are set in extensive grounds, with lovely facilities ranging from swimming pools, theatres, sports halls, and tennis courts.  There are large sports fields for volleyball, football and softball, plus a lawn for relaxing in the afternoons. All this allows hours of enjoyment through sporting activities and evening games without having to leave the grounds. The day trips are fully supervised, with qualified staff at hand to oversee that all students are well and happy.

English language is so important around the world today that we believe helping your child to become fluent from an early age will be invaluable for years to come.  We see the summer course as an investment for life, as it provides students with an unrivalled opportunity to gain confidence through speaking English all day, every day.  We accept no more than 10 students from each county, to encourage every student to speak as much English as possible. Read more of the About Us section to further learn about our unique courses and teaching team.  

Course Director’s Classes

In 2018 students will be having one-on-one sessions with the Course Director.  Caroline Drewett will be taking students out of the class for one hour to speak with them and help them with any areas of their English they are struggling with.  This opportunity allows Caroline to get to know the students well, whilst giving them the opportunity to voice their difficulties in a close environment and not in front of the class.