Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lots of parents whose children have never been away from home before have a number of questions about the course (FAQs).  Here we aim to answer them, but please be aware that once you sign a student up to the course, we will send you a large information pack with detailed lists of what to bring, how much pocket money to bring, and exact details of how the course runs.  This page is an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Why should I choose Coast to Coast?

Coast to Coast is a unique summer course described by previous parents as ‘a life-changing experience’ where students arrive often as shy and quiet, yet leave after 2 or 4 weeks full of confidence, both in their English speaking and their demeanor.  With everyone arriving together and leaving together on the same days, integrating into course life is easy and comfortable, with our excellent 1:3 staff:student ratio helping all students to feel at ease within hours of their arrival.  

Each course is fully packed with activities, sports and arts workshops, leaving little free time for students to get bored.  It is an unrivalled opportunity for students to make international friends for life, and many students return to us year after year to continue their development in English and confidence building.  The trips, extra activities options and day-to-day course life is documented daily through photos on facebook and the website, with videos being uploaded to youtube for parents to keep track of.  

Which course is right for my child?

The main course for 2016 remains our 4 week Belmont course.  This is a very popular choice and 4 weeks is an ideal amount of time to get settled, make good strong bonds with other students, and gain enough faith in speaking English to maximise the opportunities the course brings.  

The 2 week course is usually for younger students who have not been away from home before, somewhat similar to a ‘taster’ before returning to the 4 week course the following year.  It is a good way to trial being away from home for the first time.  

This year we are also offering exciting 2 week music and football specialist courses at our other campuses in Norfolk. These follow a very similar programme and retain the ethos of our Belmont course. See the Our Campuses page more more details.

If you are in any doubt as to which course is best, please email for more advice and information.  

Does my child need a visa?

Some students need visas to come on the course.  This is not a problem at all, as long as it is applied for in advance.  We are a fully accredited course, allowing us to provide ‘invitations’ to students to join the course via the UK Border Agency.  All EU citizens are visa-exempt, but if you are unsure, please click on the link here to double check, by clicking on the dropdown list of ‘visa nationals’.  If your country is on the list, you will require a visa.  Some visa applications require a short interview, and can take up to 3 weeks to clear, so it is best to sign up to the course and apply for a visa as soon as possible.

How do I book a place?

To book a place, please either email to check for availability, or complete the form here.  It’s simple and easy, and you will be guided through the next steps by us!