Previous Student Experiences

At the end of 2016, we asked each student to write about the course; how they felt before arriving, about their experiences, and how the course had changed their outlook on other cultures.  We try to make the course as welcoming and international as possible; an environment for students to thrive and express themselves, where they can discover new sports and activities that might initially seem alien to them.  This setting helps students to develop and to grow in themselves, as well as in their English.  Below are a selection of what the students had to say about the course.  With 80% of our students hearing about us through recommendation rather than adverts, we know the importance of students having an exceptional time with us, with many returning year after year.

  • They are right, Coast to Coast gives you experiences to last a lifetime.  Before I came here, I expected to go back home the same way as I went, but all that went away after a few days.  I didn't think I would improve my English, let alone think in English!  I didn't expect to love sports, like tennis, but this month has shown me something different.  You change not just because of English and sports, but also because of new friendships from different cultures.  I will miss all of them, and the feeling of having a big international family next to you.  I can't give a specific highlight of the course, because the whole month is a highlight, whether there's sunshine or thunderstorms, you'll have fun.  I have progressed in my attitude towards other people - I no longer think everyone is the same.  If you come here, you have one challenge too: to open yourself up to different cultures around the world.  At the end of the course, you'll be arm in arm with everyone, crying because you have to leave.

    16 year old student, Luxembourg
  • Before the camp I was a bit nervous about not making friends and my english, but as soon as I arrived it was completely different to what I had expected.  I made an instant click with my roommates and all the people at the camp.  They are all so friendly, funny, warm and open to new people.  Each of them has a special talent and is unique, but everybody accepts who you are and the things you like, so there's no need to pretend to be someone different - here you are free to be yourself.  The days here are very dynamic, you integrate with your friends all day long and have fun with them, there's no way you can ever be bored.  One of the highlights of camp is that you get to know about other people's cultures; it's lovely because you forget about prejudices and you accept each person in every way.  During the days, you are constantly absorbing knoweldge from others, whether from teachers or your friends, they are always willing to help you with any problems or doubts and they do it in the nicest possible way. After the first week, you feel the difference in your english because you understand more and more what people say...I now have the confidence to talk to anyone without hesitating.  This course changed my life and my attitude towards people and culture.  You become more open-minded and that is something I feel extremely grateful for.  However, the negative is that the strangers from the first day have become your best friends, and you have to say goodbye, hoping you won't forget them.  That's the point of the course; to gain experiences and friendships that will last forever.

    17 year old Columbian student
  • As I was only joining for two weeks, before I arrived I worried I would be the youngest and wouldn't make any friends.  It was different, I was welcomed friendly and warmly by the staff.  All the students said hello to me, and over the next few days, I made some great friends and found out there were many other students my own age. The english lessons were even more interesting than I had imagined, I enjoyed them so much that I always wondered where the time was, once the lesson had ended.  I have fantastic memories with my house, we competed together against other houses, and when we won, these were my favourite memories.  It's not always easy to live with people from other cultures; when we speak together, there is always someone who searches for a specific word, but it's fun to try to work it out together!  The couse has shown me that it's so interesting to see how people in other countries live.  It's made me want to travel the world, visiting my new friends in different countries.  I had never thought about visiting Poland or Finland, but now I do.  When I'm gone, I'll miss my was one of the best times I have ever had and my experience will last a lifetime!

    13 year old German student