Our Unique Courses

Find out more details about our unique courses and discover why learning English and making friends will be the experience of a lifetime this summer!

We run 2 and 4 week courses for International students aged 10-17 in a safe, comfortable and personalised environment.  

Coast to Coast Education combines a strong emphasis on sports, challenging collaborative activities, and engaging course life with an inspiring curriculum designed to foster proficiency in English language, confidence in public speaking, and independent thought. From innovative lessons, football and tennis coaching, to music making and much more, our campuses are perfect for anyone considering a fully residential experience this summer.

As with all of our courses, pastoral care and academic excellence ​are at the centre of everything we do. Each site is especially designed to cater for boarding and our 1:3 staff:student ratio ensures that all students will be fully cared for whilst being able to further discover their passions in our caring environment.

Making friends at Coast to Coast couldn’t be easier. We integrate a “house” system into the course, meaning students from different ages and different nationalities become team mates in both sports and evening activities. The dorms are divided by age and sex, but we make sure that each dorm has students from different nationalities. This is to encourage the students to speak English as much as possible outside the classroom, whether it’s during a sports match or during bedtime drinks and biscuits.  

Lessons are geared towards presentations and confidence-building, with a large focus on group work, rather than individual study. Everything we do at Coast to Coast is based on what students cannot learn at home – we don’t teach them hours of grammar, but rather use new vocabulary and exercises to enhance their learning. We have a debating morning, a “Dragon’s Den” morning, a film creation morning, plus other political and world affairs campaigns.  Each of these allows students to work in groups on a project, with the result being a presentation to the rest of the students.

These unique courses will be an experience to last a lifetime for anyone who is looking to improve their English, music and football, or simply make lasting friendships. They will also be valuable experiences for students wondering whether they are suited to study​ing​ at a leading boarding school or university in England.

Course Director’s Classes

In 2017 students will be having one-on-one sessions with the Course Director.  Caroline Drewett will be taking students out of the class for one hour to speak with them and help them with any areas of their English they are struggling with.  This opportunity allows Caroline to get to know the students well, whilst giving them the opportunity to voice their difficulties in a close environment and not in front of the class.