Our sports and activities programme is a key part to the course here at Coast to Coast.  It is a time when the students can relax and enjoy taking part in their favourite sports and activities, whilst making friends and practising their English in a social environment.  We aim to keep the students occupied all day every day with a range of fun and educational games.  

Students are not allowed electronic gadgets such as ipods or mobile phones except at strictly controlled times such as on day trips or on Sundays when students are allowed to ring home.  We find that this helps to keep students from feeling homesick whilst maximising the opportunity to speak English.

A typical afternoon’s sport might include a choice of volleyball, tennis, football, swimming, basketball or softball on the school’s extensive sports fields or in the pool.  There are also impromptu games of dodgeball and benchball organised throughout the week.

Our sports and activities staff are energetic and enthusiastic about keeping everyone included and making sure that no one, however unsporty, feels left out or excluded.  No one is forced to participate but when your child sees everyone else having fun (including staff) she or he will no doubt want to join in.  A few students prefer to spend the afternoons doing art in the classroom with our course helper, preparing posters and props for the evening activities, or taking afternoon photography lessons with our resident photography teacher.

During the evenings, there is a varied programme which is imaginative and again, incredibly fun.  We have had a fashion show, a murder mystery night, casino night, Olympics (extremely competitive between houses), scavenger hunt, gladiators and an awards night.  In between, when the students have had a busy day in London, they can relax with an evening swim.  

Each week we offer a day trip.  Previous trips have included a day in London; a cultural tour of Oxford; a theme park outing; Brighton seaside visits or historic Windsor as well as one evening at a West End show.  Future trips will follow a similar pattern but the attractions may vary, depending on the weather and students’ preferences.  Please see the Trips and Extra Activities Page here.  

Course Director’s Classes

In 2017 students will be having one-on-one sessions with the Course Director.  Caroline Drewett will be taking students out of the class for one hour to speak with them and help them with any areas of their English they are struggling with.  This opportunity allows Caroline to get to know the students well, whilst giving them the opportunity to voice their difficulties in a close environment and not in front of the class.